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How osteopathy can help runners

Physical activity is a key step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and running is a popular activity that can improve cardio-vascular and circulatory fitness as well as help uplift your mood.

Like all physical exercise, running does pose risks. Runners of all experience levels can suffer from a number of injuries from knee problems to Achilles tendonitis. Treatment options are numerous, however osteopathy therapy might be right for you with its non -invasive, holistic approach which can yield long-term benefits.

What are osteopathic techniques?

Osteopaths are required to build a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology gaining an extensive knowledge of bones, tissue, joints and muscles. This knowledge allows them to develop techniques such as:

  • Soft-tissue massage

    • This technique focuses on increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles which is important for patients how perform any physical exercise.

  • Exercise and rehabilitation

    • These are specific stretches and exercises catered to the individual patient to help improve and maintain health for both injury recovery and day to day training, perfect for a runner.

  • Biomechanical assessment and functional movement

    • This is an assessment used to analyse walking or running patterns.

Osteopaths have many techniques, if you have a specific question don’t hesitate to ask.

The benefit to runners

Holistic approach

Osteopathy doesn’t just focus on the area of the injury, it looks at the connecting regions and how they interrelate and effect the whole body. For example, as a runner you might suffer from a knee injury, an osteopath will look at the connecting areas such as the hips and feet. They will look to learn more about your general sporting activities, your occupation and day to day activities along with any relevant past medical issues to gain a full picture of any underlying problems that may be contributing or causing the presenting complaint.

None medical approach

As mentioned, osteopathy takes a manual approach. The belief is the body has the power to heal itself, so there is potentially less of a need for pharmaceuticals which could often mask the pain rather than treat it. Whether you are an amateur to professional runner, the benefit of this approach will encourage you to maintain a heathy body at all times.

Long Term benefits

Osteopathy is often used as a preventative treatment, avoiding an injury all together rather than having to recover from it. The long-term benefits don’t just benefit your body but also your mind, its about changes to your lifestyle, diet and fitness which have a greater impact on your everyday life than other short-term medical treatment.

Would osteopathic treatment work for you?

If you have any questions, get in touch.

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